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Is your door not working like it used to! Does it feel heavier than it used to!
It probably needs a little T. L. C. We can carry out a full service to the door, and have it working like new within the hour.

Servicing to Remote Control Systems
Is your system closing and opening up for no apparent reason!
This could be either your door needs attention or the system needs a service. Our engineer will check all the safety systems, wiring, gearing, chains/belts & ceiling mountings.

Have you lost or had stolen your transmitter/handset!

We will delete the transmitter/handset which has been lost or stolen from the system to avoid a security issue and then supply and programme the new transmitter/handset into the memory, along with any existing transmitters/handsets held by you. Making the stolen/lost transmitter or handset inactive, giving you piece of mind.



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